Dragon Quest 11 S Switch Trial Version

Here is the trial version information of [Dragon Quest 11 S] and the impressions I experienced.

▼ Trial version information

  • Save data created with the trial version can be directly transferred to the product version
  • “Skill Seeds x 3” can be obtained by playing to the end
  • Trial version only in 3D mode
  • Estimated play time is 10 hours
  • 8GB required for download

Hmm. It’s a big behaviour. Sukueni.

So I downloaded it and tried it

▼ Trial version trial story

  • So far everyone is full voice except the main character
  • Fast movement speed (maybe because I’m used to the movement mode of Fire Emblem)
  • It is difficult to understand the position of people because people and background are mixed
  • However, people who give important tips are kindly displayed as icons on the map
  • Easy to move because there is a map
  • Combat speed is high (I felt slow even if I tried “normal”, “fast”, and “super fast”…)
  • 3D It’s easy to get drunk, but I don’t feel particularly drunk as long as I’m in mobile mode (good)
  • Trial version 8GB… (SD card required)

I cleared the first DQ11 in 3DS, but in 3D mode it’s a completely different game! !! !!

What’s more, you can do it in bed at night and on the big screen on holidays.
I have to buy this.